About me

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My name is Matthias Wrage and I am fascinated by watches. What started out as a hobby more than 15 years ago has meanwhile evolved into a lifetime passion: vintage watches! My personal love and fascination is dedicated to the classical models of the Omega, Breitling, Heuer and Enicar brands, and here, especially, those of the sixties and seventies.

Over the years, I have continously collected watches, in doing so, I have build up a considerable know-how. Others like to resort to my expertise and come to me for advice. For me, collectible vintage watches need to tick perfectly and so I personally take each piece to an experienced and old-fashioned watchmaker who has gained my trust over many years.

After having spent more than 20 years in banking and finance, I decided to turn my hobby into my profession. It is a pleasure for me to pursue my passion on an everyday basis and help other watch enthusiasts with expertise and know-how in their quest for new collector’s items or in the sale of a special watch.